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The Question:  I have a problem with my family getting stung by yellow jackets, which have been making nests inside the fence posts. They fly under the horizontal rails, into the post to nest. I keep spraying the rails at night, but they keep coming back.

I thought of using a foam insulation product to seal the post where the two horizontal rails come into each side of the post, but I know that can make a mess,

I also thought of taking caulking to seal each horizontal rail, but I think that would take forever not counting numerous tubes of caulk.


Prevent summertime pests with
Bee StopTM


Bee StopTM is an internal rail plug designed to prevent bees, wasps, and other pests from making aluminum fence posts their home.  Bee StopTM will fit inside any 1 inch aluminum rail.  Bee StopTM  is available in black, bronze, hunter green and white.

Bee StopTM Quantity Requirements per Post
  Line/Corner Post End/Gate Post
2 Rail Fence 4 2
3 Rail Fence 6 3

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