Unique Aluminum Fence was made for fence installers, by fence installers. We have been installing aluminum fences for over 25 years. Finally, we said “we can do it better.” We have incorporated features into our aluminum fence that are unlike any other on the market.

Rackable Fence Sections - Unique Aluminum Fence has racking incorporated into every fence panel. Unique fences are designed to rack 25 inches over 6’ with no special rails. This will accommodate all but the steepest of grades. 

Heavy Duty Gate Uprights - Our gate uprights have a wall thickness of .125”. This allows for better screw penetration. Your gate hardware will be held more securely to the frame. 

Welded Gate Pickets - Our pickets are welded into the gate frame. This provides for a more ridged construction and helps to prevent sagging.

Bee Stop - Protect your fence against bees, wasps and other pesky insects who want to make your fence their home.

Pre-Installed Post Caps - Standard flat caps are already installed onto the post when you receive your fence system. This saves you time and labor costs.

Quick Ship Program - Although we strive to ship every fence order within two weeks, we have a 3 day quick ship program. We can send you unassembled fence sections at a discounted price and we can do it in just 3 days!

The Best Customer Service In the Business - Because we have many years of installation experience we understand the problems that arise every day. We strive to be the solution to your problems. We know just how important each and every job is and the role we play in the success of your business. At Unique Aluminum Fence, we will strive to assist you in any way possible and we will do it in a timely fashion.


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