What colors are offered? - Unique Aluminum Fence offers 3 colors -- Black, Bronze and White.

Are post caps extra? - Standard flat caps are included with the price of the post. Ball caps are available for an additional fee.

Is a line post included with the price of a section? - No, sections and posts are sold separately.

What type of hardware do I need for your gates? - Unique gates include self-closing hinges and a brass handle latch. Magnetic latches are optional and standard on pool code gates.

Do I need gate posts on both sides of the gate? - Yes, a gate post is required on the hinge side to support the weight of the gate. A gate post is recommended on the latch post side to withstand the constant impact of the gate latching.

Can I use Unique Aluminum Fence for railing? - No, our product was not designed for this purpose. Be warned that using our product as a protective barrier to prevent falls could result in serious injury or death.

Do I need to order double punched rails in order to rack a section? - No, our sections rack 25” over 6’. This can accommodate a 25” rise over a 6’ run.

How long does it take to process an order for fully assembled fence sections? - Generally, it takes 2 weeks from the time the signed confirmation is received until the assembled fence leaves our warehouse.

Can I purchase unassembled fence sections? - Yes, should you need an order sooner we can ship unassembled sections within 3 business days.

Can I install the fence at an angle other than 90 degrees? - Yes, you can pivot the fence section approximately 25 degrees using a standard post. To accommodate a greater angle, adjustable wall brackets can be installed on the opposite side of an end post and rotated to the angle that you require.

Can I install a fence to a concrete pad? - Yes, Unique recommends that fence sections be core drilled or secured to concrete via a base flange with expansion bolts.e.


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